Its not botanical illustration but it is crafty and botanical so I thought I would share this here.

A few months ago I won this Sunography kit as part of a goody bag at the Wildlife photographer of the Year Exhibition at the Natural History Museum.

With a sunny afternoon and not much else to do I decided to have a go.
The kit consists of 6 small pieces of light sensitive fabric. The idea is to use any objects to create a pattern on the fabric by leaving it in bright sunlight for 15 minutes. When you wash the fabric in cold water the areas that were exposed to sunlight change colour leaving a silhouette of the object on the fabric.

I picked various bits and pieces from the garden. The picture on the left shows the fabric as it is being developed and on the right the finished image.

This one is Nigella (Love-In-A-Mist) which is growing in abundance in the garden at the moment:

I think this one is a Calendula but I'm not entirely sure:
I did all six pieces of fabric that were included but a couple of them didn't turn out very well. I chose the best four pieces and sewed them together to make a panel to hang on the wall.

Hope you like it !